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Journey Builder - JB-101, 13 November 2020, Virtual

If you are a Marketing Cloud user or administrator who is responsible for developing the email journey your customers will take with your organisation, this hands-on course is an essential class for you. In this one-day course, you will learn the fundamentals of a customer journey. You will then explore Contact Builder and how to set up your data in order to leverage the data in Journey Builder. In Journey Builder, you will learn to create and develop strategic customer interactions within various Journey Builder activities.

Who should take this course?

Getting Started with Journey Builder is designed for individuals in the following roles:

  • Administrators responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of their organization’s Marketing Cloud applications.
  • Content editors and publishers who will assist in the setup of customer journeys.
  • Channel managers who are responsible for the marketing automation channel within an organization.
When you complete this course, you will be able to:
  • Engage in critical thinking in regards to the customer journey.
  • Create and relate data structures in Contact Builder.
  • Build an interaction with various activities.
  • Optimize journeys through versioning

Getting Started with Journey Builder Pre-work

Please complete the following before attending our expert-led class.

Lessons and Topics

Customer Journeys

  • Describe why customer journeys are important
  • Define the customer journey
  • Identify how to create 1:1 customer journeys


Marketing Cloud

  • Define the Marketing Cloud
  • Log in to the Marketing Cloud


Contact Builder

  • Define Contact Builder
  • Describe and use the various tools in Contact Builder
  • Reiterate the concepts of Subscriber Key, Primary Key, and Contact Key


Journey Builder

  • Define Journey Builder
  • Define an Interaction
  • Build an Interaction
  • Create an Entry Event
  • Utilize various Journey Builder activities


Monitoring and Optimizing

  • Set a goal
  • Test the Interaction
  • Review metrics
  • Create a new version of an Interaction

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JB-101, 13 November 2020




1 Day

Start Date:

13 November 2020

End Date:

13 November 2020

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