B2C Commerce Merchant - CCM101, 24 June 2024, Virtual

This course teaches merchants and marketers how to manage catalogs, content, products, and promotions for a Commerce Cloud storefront using the Commerce Cloud Business Manager. NOTE: This course does not include programming, administration, or site design. This class is taught using the SFCC reference architecture site and not the client’s specific site. Client specific site is used during the Launch Readiness Boot Camp conducted by Services.

Who should take this course?
  • Merchants
  • Marketers
  • Content Managers
When you complete this course, you will be able to:
  • Manage catalogs, categories, products, pricing, inventory, and recommendations.
  • Manage search results, sorting rules, search refinements.
  • Leverage analytics.
  • Use coupons, source codes, and customer groups in promotions and campaigns.
  • Manage product images.

Managing the Commerce Cloud Storefront Pre-work

Please complete the following before attending our expert-led class.

Lessons and Topics

Salesforce B2C Commerce Review

  • Key Concept Review


Catalogs and Categories

  • Configuring Catalog-Level Image Management Settings
  • Configuring Catalog-Level Product Attribute Settings
  • Category Overview
  • Creating a Category
  • Sorting Categories
  • Editing Category Configuration
  • Copying a Category
  • Moving a Category
  • Adding a Banner to a Category



  • Searching for Products
  • Creating a Product
  • Using the Storefront Toolkit to View Product Information
  • Assigning Multiple Products to a Category
  • Copying Products
  • Managing Product Attributes
  • Managing Variation Masters and Variation Products
  • Using Price Books to Manage Prices
  • Inventory Settings & Management
  • Using Product Sets
  • Product Bundles




Improving Search Results

  • Manage Search Indexes
  • Configuring Searchable Attributes
  • Managing Synonyms and Hypernyms
  • Using the Storefront Toolkit to View Search Information
  • Managing Search Suggestions
  • Managing Common Phrases
  • Managing Stop Words
  • Managing the Exclusion of Category Names
  • Search Query Processing
  • Managing Search Redirects


Sorting Rules

  • Manually Changing the Order of Products in a Category
  • Using Search Placement or Search Rank to Change Product Order in a Category
  • Applying a Rule with Dynamic Attributes to Change Product Order in a Category
  • Inserting the Rule
  • Automatically Change the Search Result Order
  • Storefront Sorting Options Menu


Search Refinements

  • Configuring Search Refinements for a Site and a Category
  • Using Buckets



  • Managing Coupons
  • Creating Coupons
  • Using Source Code Groups
  • Creating a Source Code Group
  • Customer Groups
  • Using Static Customer Groups
  • Using Dynamic Customer Groups



  • Creating a Campaign
  • Creating Experiences



  • Creating a Promotion
  • Promotion Rules
  • Promotion Visualizations
  • Inclusions and Exclusions
  • Global Exclusions


Refining Campaigns

  • Marketing Your Campaign
  • Stacking Rules

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CCM101, 24 June 2024




5 half days

Start Date:

24 June 2024

End Date:

28 June 2024

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