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Salesforce CPQ Admin Essentials For Experienced Administrators - CPQ-211

Comprehensive and hands-on, this course is essential for CPQ administrators by providing a detailed and in-depth look at Salesforce CPQ and its applications. We recommend experienced administrators take this course before starting a Salesforce CPQ implementation or when taking over an existing implementation.

Who should take this course?

Covering all the topics from the Salesforce CPQ Admin Essentials for New Administrators but with greater technical emphasis, this course will also provide guidance on design implications and use cases for hands-on exercises. The class is designed for experienced Administrators who will have prior experience implementing Salesforce CPQ solutions in a customer-facing role, as well as solution architects, implementation consultants, or developers seeking to understand full capabilities in order to formulate technical solutions within Salesforce CPQ.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:
  • Set up products, bundles, and product and pricing rules targeting several objects.
  • Lead the technical configuration of discounting, pricing methods, and output document generation.
  • Leverage the events, objects, settings, and methods of the contract creation, renewal, and amendment processes.
  • Formulate sound technical solutions to common CPQ business requirements.
  • Make significant progress in preparing for the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist exam.

Salesforce CPQ Admin Essentials for Experienced Administrators Pre-work

Please complete the following before attending our expert-led class.

Lessons and Topics

Products, Bundling, Product Rules

  • Product fields and related objects integral to basic Salesforce CPQ functionality
  • Configurable Product Bundles and the resulting user interface and experience
  • Enforcing business logic with Product Features, Option Constraints, Validation Rules, Selection Rules, and Dynamic Bundles


Custom Actions and UI Customizations

  • Modifying out-of-the-box button behavior for product selection
  • Alternate quote line editor views
  • Guided selling decision trees and custom prompts


Pricing Methods and Discounting

  • Pricing Waterfall
  • List pricing, cost plus markup, and block pricing
  • Contracted pricing
  • Multi-Dimension Quoting
  • Tiered discounting


Price Rules and Lookup Objects

  • Declaratively setting values for Quote and Quote Line fields
  • Calculation events and conditions
  • Price Action sources, including static values, Summary Variables, formulas, and Lookup tables
  • Lookup objects and Lookup Queries



  • Generate new contracts to bring quote data to the account
  • Amendment and renewal processes
  • Renewal pricing methods


Output Documents

  • Generating dynamic output documents
  • Conditional Template Content
  • Proposal colouring and branding



  • Accommodating translations

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