Build Guided Experiences with OmniStudio - OMS435, 24 June 2024, Virtual

Discover how to develop engaging, digital-first guided experiences using OmniStudio tools. In this class, our OmniStudio experts will show you how to use FlexCards, OmniScripts, and the OmniStudio Interaction Console to configure applications that elevate the user experience. You’ll learn how to retrieve and transform internal and external data using declarative OmniStudio data tools to get a 360-degree view of customer accounts, empowering you to quickly deliver high-quality, consumer-grade experiences that your users expect.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for platform developers, UI developers, solution architects, and technical architects who are responsible for the setup, configuration, or maintenance of OmniStudio applications or Salesforce Industry Cloud apps. You should have a solid understanding of basic Salesforce concepts and functionality, including Lightning Web Components (LWC), as well as experience working with relational databases and familiarity with JSON. Ideally, you hold the Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Platform Developer I credential. This class is recommended for anyone looking to earn their Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer credential.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:
  • Create FlexCards and build an OmniStudio Interaction Console to improve customer experience.
  • Create OmniScripts to ensure productive, consistent user engagement.
  • Use Integration Procedures to execute complex operations on the server and incorporate external data sources.
  • Create and modify DataRaptors to get data from Salesforce, transform data, and save data back to Salesforce.
  • Create Calculation Matrices and Calculation Procedures to execute data lookups and calculations.


Lessons and Topics

Introduction to OmniStudio

  • Explore OmniStudio Tools and Resources

OmniStudio LWC

  • Learn the Benefits and Features of OmniStudio LWC and Component Types

FlexCards and Omnistudio Interaction Consoles

  • Design and Build Parent and Child FlexCards
  • Assign Data Sources to FlexCards, Including External Data Sources
  • Configure Fields to Display Data and Configure Actions to Launch OmniScripts from FlexCards
  • Configure FlexCard Flyouts to Display Additional Data
  • Configure Conditions to Display Different Flexcard States
  • Build an OmniStudio Interaction Console


  • Design and Build Simple and Complex OmniScripts 
  • Configure OmniScript Elements such as Type Ahead Blocks
  • Configure Element Properties such as Branching Conditions
  • Configure Simple Error Checking
  • Add External Data to an OmniScript
  • Connect an Interaction Launcher to a Console Toolbar

Integration Procedures and OmniStudio Data Tools

  • Learn How OmniStudio uses Salesforce sObjects and Fields
  • Learn How Data Flows Between OmniScripts and Integration Procedures 
  • Build Integration Procedures and DataRaptors for OmniScripts and FlexCards
  • Use a DataRaptor to Transform FlexCard Data JSONs
  • Build Calculation Matrices and Procedures
  • Test and Troubleshoot Components in the OmniStudio Interaction Console

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OMS435, 24 June 2024




5 days

Start Date:

24 June 2024

End Date:

28 June 2024

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