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What is Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is a Configure, Price, Quote product which helps customers to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. We all know that this can be a really complex process when you have many variables of products or product bundles that are available, so CPQ is here to make your sales people’s lives easier! It takes away much of the complexity of the process and does the hard work for you. Your sales people choose the products that are best for your customer (configure), and CPQ figures out the price and produces your quote in a PDF format. 

CPQ has extensive built-in tools which are flexible around your business. Your quotes are automated with a preprogrammed set of rules, which takes into account any discounts, customisations and optional features of your products. You cannot add incompatible products to your quote - another great feature, saving you time and potential re-work of your quote. All of the time spent on trying to calculate the best solution for your customer at a price that works for everyone can now be spent on selling, making your team more efficient.

CPQ isn’t just for larger companies, it’s available to all and really accessible for smaller companies too. Here’s how it can help your business:

Speeds up the selling process

Getting accurate quotes out-of-the-door in minutes as opposed to days gives your company a massive competitive advantage. Time spent quoting is time not spent selling!?

Accuracy of Quotes

Salesforce CPQ is a sophisticated tool which does all the hard work for you. All the complexities of configuration and pricing are handled by Salesforce CPQ, freeing up your sales people to focus on sales.

Professional dynamic quotes

The quote that your customer receives is a reflection of your business. Getting a dynamically generated professional and accurate quote out-of-the-door in minutes will reflect the image of your company that you wish to portray.

If you want to find out more about our CPQ services, whether it is just CPQ that you need help with or as part of a wider implementation, then please contact us.

We also offer CPQ training workshops. For further information, click here.



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