What is Salesforce CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM platforms record all interactions businesses have with customers, as well as tracking ongoing projects, campaigns, and service cases. This ensures businesses have “a single source of truth”, and a complete 360-degree view of the business – and when it comes to CRM systems, Salesforce is ranked number one.

In fact, it’s been ranked the number one provider for the past 9 years according to the International Data Corporation (IDC); holding over 20% of the revenue market share world-wide, with Microsoft and SAP holding a little over 5% each. This alone should be a good indication that Salesforce is serious business, and a big hitter in the tech industry.

Salesforce’s key selling point is its continued growth in available products; these all contribute to the Salesforce Customer 360. Customer 360 is the idea that through a series of integrated products we are able to put our customer in at the centre of everything we do and provide them with a truly connected experience. Meaning that our Sales, Marketing, and Service teams (amongst others) are all able to access all the necessary information about that customer across different business areas to give them the best possible customer experience.

It should be every CRM’s goal to connect their platforms and remove siloed data from being duplicated or outdated, they should aim to automate processes and remove reoccurring manual tasks and aim to guarantee users have access to accurate and reliable information about their customers and prospects.

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