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Salesforce Administrator Training Courses - Spread out your Learning Over Two Weeks!

So, you want to take a training course and learn all there is to know about Salesforce administration – great! You’re too busy to take a week off work – not so great. However, good news is here! Those lovely people at Salesforce have a new offering for students wishing to attend the Admin Essentials for New Admins (ADX201) or Admin Essentials for Advanced Admins (ADX211).

You can now attend either of these courses across half days, so the ADX201E runs over 10 days and the ADX211E runs over 8 days. This means you can keep on top of your workload, but still attend class. The price is the same as attending the full-time class as well.

If you are totally new to Salesforce training courses, this is also an ideal opportunity to upskill. The courses are all hands-on with exercises in a safe training environment, with eBooks taking you through the step-by-step. The instructors will guide you through a fantastic overview of all the platform can do so you can put it all into practice straight away!

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