Marketing Cloud: Content Builder Back to Basics

Sometimes we can get so caught up in everyday work and the pressures that come with getting those final email submissions out that we forget about what our system actually looks like.

Having everything organised and in the right place can seem so trivial but when it comes to crunch time, it massively helps. Choosing the right image or writing the correct piece of HTML, being able to find the right content at the right time matters!

The main reason we structure our content in Marketing Cloud is to make our lives easier and avoid mistakes. We’re already naming a file, so we should give it a name that is meaningful. When you’re searching for an image and there’s 500 of them, what is going to help you find that image in a month’s time? Naming and file structure helps that’s for sure.

I’m here to remind you about standardising those naming conventions and discussing folder structures with your teams. It could take 15 minutes to review and change along the way, for a lifesaving moment when you’re trying to find that one piece of content in a 5-minute window, with a deadline coming up.

E.g. Year – Campaign Name – Type of content – Content Block Type – File Name

Consider your Marketing Cloud campaigns, how often you send them, if they should be organised by month or year. The specific content name and what it is, even the audience.

Let’s start with folders… easy to setup, not easy to add years into a project or business, here’s a great example of a simple structure that you can map to your own business and adapt.

Then we have naming conventions of the content itself. Consider how you’d like to name it so you can reuse content, emails and find it again 10x easier. Below are examples you can use for your own business and allow those different types of content to be found a lot easier.

So, there you have it. Make sure you put naming conventions and folder structures in place in Marketing Cloud to drive your productivity and make your life easier.

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