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Using Trail Tracker to Guide your Learners

Day 5 - Using Trail Tracker to Guide your Learners. Welcome to our final blog of this series on myTrailhead. Let’s talk about how we can help our users take the learning that they need to, and how do we know when they have achieved it?

This is where Trail Tracker steps in. This free app from the AppExchange helps you to assign, track and report on the badges assigned to your teams. In fact, although we have been focusing on myTrailhead this week, Trail Tracker is a fantastic tool for those of you using Salesforce’s Trailhead platform as well. It doesn’t matter whether it is Trailhead or myTrailhead – it works for all!

The first step is installing the app. For those of you who are admins, we have another blog for you here, which will help you through that process.

Once it is installed, it is easy to access through the App Launcher.

Assigning a Trailmix

A great tip is to create a learning path for your users as a Trailmix. This also makes it much easier for you to assign learning to your users in one go. Click on the Trailmixes tab and locate your Trailmix. Remember you can search in list views now! Click on the name of your Trailmix and click Assign Users.

Select the User Name and set a due date (although this is optional). You can ask your admin to add all different types of automation to the assignment process. We suggest sending an email to your users so they know it is waiting for them.

The next time your users log into myTrailhead or Trailhead, they will be able to see their assigned Trailmixes or modules on their Home page.

One of the other great features in Trail Tracker is the ready-made Reports and Dashboards. Here you can review progress on assigned badges on a daily basis (Trail Tracker syncs with your Salesforce org every 24 hours). It is easy to view assigned, in progress and completed badges, so you can be certain that your team is gaining the right knowledge at the right time. You can easily create your own Reports and Dashboards as well!

Stimulus Consulting have a team of myTrailhead experts who can help you to implement Trail Tracker as well as myTrailhead. Contact us to learn more.

So, that brings us to the end of our series of myTrailhead blogs and videos so we hope we have given you everything you need to become a Salesforce Trailblazer so go forth and blaze your trail!

We also have a myTrailhead webinar on the 17th March where we will explain what myTrailhead is and how it can benefit your users. Don't miss out, register to attend


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