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Salesforce Summer ’22 Release – Platform Updates

It seems like just yesterday that we were discussing the new changes brought in by the Spring ’22 release. But the longer days and warmer temperatures brings plenty of new features on the Salesforce platforms. Keep reading to find out more!

Customise and Filter Related Lists in the Lightning App Builder

Potentially one of the most significant UI changes coming to Salesforce in the latest Summer ‘22 release is the change to how we work with related lists.

Up until this point, when working with Related Lists we have been limited to the “Related Lists” component, or the “Related List – Single” component when working on a record page within the Lightning App Builder. And, if we had wanted to split or filter on Related Lists to perhaps acknowledge different record types or different stages, we’d have had to look outside of the realms of standard Salesforce functionality, or of any declarative solutions.

Well as of Summer ‘22 this function is now available using the “Dynamic Related List – Single” component!

Watch this video to see how this works or read more here.

Permission Set Date Expiration

I cannot remember how many times we’ve been asked whether it is possible to set an expiration date for a permission set – but this Beta feature is now generally available! You can now assign an expiration date to each permission set or permission set group. This will allow you to set a temporary permission to users and not worry about going back to remove them at a later date. Read more about this in our full blog.

Using Formulae as Entry Conditions in Flows

Some great new enhancements to Flow have been included in the Summer ’22 release, one of which is the ability to use Formulae as Flow Entry Conditions.

With Record-Triggered Flows, you can now edit the Start element and set the Condition Requirements to be Formula Evaluates to True (New). You’re then presented with a new Formula Builder which helps you with the process and syntax of writing a formula.

You can include Resources, Operators and Functions in our formula in much the same way as you always have with Workflow Rules & Processes.

One small ‘Gotcha’ though, be sure to click Check Syntax after you’ve completed each expression as the Formula Builder is only able to show one error at a time.

On a separate note, another new feature is the ability to add Section Headers to Flow Screens, allowing you to group related fields together in a neatly titled Section component. The Section Components are collapsible and expandable but are always expanded by default so it’s easy and efficient for Users to enter data. In the Section component, simply check the Include Header checkbox and provide the header text in the Label field.

Supported Browsers and Devices for Lightning Experience

If you want to know what browsers are compatible with Lightning Experience, you're in the right place. Lightning Experience is very powerful, accessible and can be used in a wide range of different browsers and devices. Sometimes though, Lightning doesn’t always render correctly in each browser. Have a look at the table below to see what will continue to be used through the Summer ’22 release for Desktop and Laptop browsers.

Furthermore, it’s worth knowing which devices are the best to use with Salesforce. As we want to ensure that our users have the best experience, setting them up with a device that doesn’t show the interface in the best way may make their experience more difficult, which in turn could make your customer lives less smooth, too.

A fantastic tip to utilize Salesforce Lighting Experience on a tablet is to use landscape orientation so you can maximize your safari browser to full width.

For the best optimized experience on your mobile device, the Salesforce mobile app is the way to go.

Picklist Updates and Improvements

Sometimes the smallest and simplest improvements are amongst the best. Here’s a couple to do with picklists that will allow you a little sigh of satisfaction and to wonder why these hadn’t been brought in before. Well fear not, they’re here now so let’s enjoy them for what they are!

  • Bulk Manage Picklist Values
  • Deleting Inactive Values in Bulk
  • Identify Duplicate Picklists During Creation

We have a full blog where you can read more about these features!

Terminology Changes in Sales Enablement

As well as its name, Sales Enablement (formerly myTrailhead) is undergoing a further change in the upcoming Summer ’22 release. Labels and names now show the same terminology for content creators and any other collaborators on your site on Salesforce. The changes are available to anyone with View Setup and Configuration, Manage Permission Sets and myTrailhead Manage Content Collections permissions available to admins.

Changes include:

  • An update for name of the permission set license, which is now ‘Sales Enablement’.
  • myTrailhead Content Collections Access Settings now has the name ‘Enablement Content Collections Access settings’ (on a permission set).
  • Names and descriptions of Enablement Content Collections Access permissions are also updated.


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