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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful, dynamic, digital marketing platform encompassing a suite of tools to engage your customers and personalise their user experience. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is primarily a B2C digital marketing platform, used to listen and engage with subscribers to your marketing collateral. So, if you are part of a Marketing team that is focusing on what your demographic are engaging with or what they enjoy about your brand, and then utilising that information to further your marketing efforts, then Salesforce Marketing Cloud is for you. 

What can you do with Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is comprised of several different studios and builders, allowing you to master your marketing collateral, communicate through various channels including emails and SMS messages, and manage the audiences we engage with and the functions we use to send our messages. 

Automating with Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to spend more time working on your campaigns, whilst Marketing Cloud does the hard work! Utilising ‘Automation Studio’, all of our Data Importing and Segmentation can be done for us on a schedule. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key tools in Marketing Cloud:

Journey Builder

Journey Builder allows you to design a customer journey that is completely personalised and aligned with our brand. This allows every customer to be treated individually, letting us take our customer down a different path based on either on the information we store about them or the way they have behaved up until this point in their journey. We use Goals to measure the success of each journey.

Content Builder

Without Salesforce Marketing Cloud, building an email can meet some real challenges, perhaps the tool you use isn’t powerful enough, or you need to be a coding ninja to master it. With Content Builder, you don’t have to be a HTML expert to be an Email building expert. Content Builder is a powerful but simple platform that allows you to build the perfect content. The Email Builder within Content Builder is drag and drop, so little technical knowledge is required, but you can still use HTML, if you prefer. 

Personalisation is also included. With personalisation strings you can have the information you store about your subscribers appear in your content. Or, using Dynamic Content, you can use subscriber information to create rulings to determine what content will appear in your email. 

With several testing tools available, you can be confident in your content before sending those important emails.

Data Management

From regularly importing data, to segmenting data as and when you require, Salesforce Marketing Cloud supports you all the way. With segmentation, you can use simple filters, to allow you to build a segmented set of data that you require. Alternatively, you can use SQL queries for your more advanced level of segmentation. You can also integrate your own FTP site with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to allow importing directly from it.           


The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector allows you to seamlessly connect your Salesforce platforms together. This allows you to have your Marketing team, Sales team and Support team viewing the same customer information. For example, a consumer may start their journey discussing a product with a Service Agent, receive marketing collateral based on their information and, based on engagement, end up being looked after by Sales as you cross-sell. To look at other tools you can integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, why not look at the AppExchange?

Social Studio

Another part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud family is Social Studio. Social Studio allows interaction on your social networks in a whole new way, allowing you to post to any of our main social networks and then engage with followers. With Social Studio we can use all of the consumer interactions to make intelligent Marketing decisions. 

How to Learn More About Marketing Cloud

Once you buy Marketing Cloud, why not start by taking some hands-on training? We’d recommend starting with the Essentials for Marketing Cloud Email Marketers (EEB101).

And if you want to learn a little more about how our Marketing Cloud guru earnt his stripes in the instructor world, read more on our blog.


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