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Global Search - How does it work? - Wednesday 19 August 2015

The Global Search in Salesforce is a great and intelligent tool. It searches in all types of records including Articles, Documents, Products, Solutions, custom objects, Chatter feeds, and much more! But how is it smart? MORE INFO

Duplicate Management - have Salesforce finally discovered the Holy Grail? - Sunday 10 May 2015

The Salesforce Spring '15 release saw the introduction of Duplicate Management and we think its a cracking piece of functionality - here we investigate why... MORE INFO

Understanding the Salesforce Clouds - Wednesday 8 April 2015

Want to understand more about the different Salesforce Clouds? For those who don’t know a lot about Salesforce and what it does, you might be mistaken in thinking that Salesforce provides a single product in the form of a CRM tool. Read on..... MORE INFO
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