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Work/Life Balance and the new Normal - Friday 14 August 2020

Our Director Jo writes about her experience with working from home since March this year. She talks about what it has taught and given her and whether this way of working could be the new normal. MORE INFO

Salesforce Administrator Training Courses - Spread out your Learning Over Two Weeks! - Tuesday 11 August 2020

So, you want to take a training course and learn all there is to know about Salesforce administration – great! You’re too busy to take a week off work – not so great. However, good news is here! Those lovely people at Salesforce have a new offering for students wishing to attend the Admin Essentials for New Admins (ADX201) or Admin Essentials for Advanced Admins (ADX211). MORE INFO

Marketing Cloud: Single Send Journeys versus Send Flows - Wednesday 5 August 2020

If you have used Journey Builder recently, you probably noticed that Salesforce Marketing Cloud have introduced a new feature called “Single Send Journey”. This is allowing you, as a user, to create a one off send of a single email to a Data Extension through the Journey Builder interface. MORE INFO

Enhance your Single View of the Customer using Marketing Cloud Connect - Monday 3 August 2020

Many of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers use Marketing Cloud as a standalone product, however, it is simple to connect Marketing Cloud with the Sales, Service or Community Cloud in order to take advantage of the customer data in these Salesforce Clouds. MORE INFO

myTrailhead Summer '20 Updates - Friday 24 July 2020

In our other blogs we’ve covered so many great new features, but this time around we want to focus on one of our favourite products, myTrailhead. Let’s take a look at the updates in the Summer '20 release. MORE INFO

Salesforce Summer ’20 release: Our Roundup – Edition 3 - Thursday 23 July 2020

Are you a Marketer who would like to make it easier to gather more customer information? Well in the Summer '20 release Marketing Cloud is introducing us to Interactive Emails. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - David Cooke - Friday 17 July 2020

For our next Staff Spotlight, we talk to David Cooke, our second Graduate Consultant. He loved the idea of being a maths teacher once upon a time. He enjoys playing rugby and going to the gym. His previous work experience includes working on set with Margot Robbie, featured in Hell Boy and a year and a half spent in the world of IT B2B sales. MORE INFO

Salesforce Summer ’20 release: Our Roundup – Edition 2 - Wednesday 15 July 2020

Would it be another release if we don’t mention Flows? It feels like Flows have been getting a lot of love with each recent update to Salesforce, and Summer ‘20 is no exception. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Liam O'Shea - Friday 10 July 2020

For our next Staff Spotlight, we chat with Liam who is one of our new Graduate Consultants. He studied Business at the University of The West of England in Bristol. His work background includes working on room service at the Marriott, customer service at Homebase and estate agency. He's a snooker lover and is very thrilled at the opportunity Stimulus has given him. MORE INFO

Salesforce Summer ’20 release: Our Roundup – Edition 1 - Thursday 9 July 2020

During this time of social distancing, it may seem as if this release has taken a bit of a back seat in our minds, but never fear Stimulus Consulting is here to ensure that you can peek at some of the highlights of Salesforce’s latest offerings. MORE INFO

New Features in Salesforce Reporting - Tuesday 30 June 2020

In this blog, we are going to focus on a couple of the newer features in Salesforce Analytics that have been released over the past year, and although they may be small, they certainly are powerful. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Karen Causley - Friday 26 June 2020

For our next Staff Spotlight we speak to Karen, our Accounts Assistant. She was once a self-employed administrator that allowed her the flexibility she needed for her young family. She loves travelling, crafts and the fun and laughter that the Stimulus office always provides. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Ben Marshall - Friday 19 June 2020

For our next Staff Spotlight we talk to Ben, our Head of Implementations. Before Stimulus, Ben worked in Insurance. In his spare time, we loves to try new foods and is constantly being kept on his toes by his toddler. His favourite thing about Stimulus life is the fact that the team are so supportive and motivated. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Sam Walley - Thursday 11 June 2020

For our next Staff Spotlight, we talk to Sam Walley. He started out as a helpdesk advisor before his Salesforce journey began. He's a lover of music and wine making and since joining Stimulus, has built up an impressive Marketing Cloud reputation in the training community. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Jiri Dvorak - Friday 5 June 2020

For our next Stimulus Staff Spotlight, we talk to Jiri. Before joining us, he attended University in the U.S. One of his current hobbies is learning Chinese and he loves the culture and challenges that working at Stimulus provides. MORE INFO

Salesforce Development - 6 Things to Consider - Friday 5 June 2020

So, you may have decided that your business could benefit from Salesforce, but did you know there are a few things that you should think of/be aware of prior to any Salesforce development taking place? We have put together some considerations and tasks that you should address prior to progressing with your Salesforce implementation. MORE INFO

Quick Text: how to save time when writing, well, almost anything! - Thursday 4 June 2020

We’ve all been there before – those repetitive tasks that usually involve heaps of copy & pasting. Maybe you’re a salesperson ardently following your sales process, and a part of that process is including a standard comment? Well, then – look no further, Quick Text is here to help. MORE INFO

What is the Financial Services Cloud? - Friday 29 May 2020

If you work in the financial sector and you like Salesforce as much as we do, it’s likely you’ve heard of the Financial Services Cloud. Even if you haven’t, this is still the blog for you! MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Amanda Lewis - Thursday 28 May 2020

Before joining us, Amanda had a very interesting background. She started as a florist before spending 16 years in the Navy as a Weapons Analyst! Prior to moving to Swindon, she lived in Scotland with her husband Mark, who also works for Stimulus. MORE INFO

Using the Compact Layout in Sales Cloud - Tuesday 26 May 2020

In this blog we are jumping back in time a little to a platform feature that is so valuable, but in our experience under used. The Compact Layout. MORE INFO

Salesforce for Outlook Retirement (And what to do about it!) - Wednesday 20 May 2020

It may be that you’re still using the Salesforce for Outlook add-on. I’m talking about the original installed version, rather than the Lightning for Outlook cloud-based add-on. If you are, you might know that Salesforce are planning to retire the old add-on as they phase out support for Internet Explorer 11 in December 2020. MORE INFO

Salesforce Field Trip - Wednesday 20 May 2020

It’s no secret that the quality of your data has a direct impact on the accuracy of your Salesforce reports. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But the action you can take to validate and improve your data may not be so obvious. MORE INFO

Permission Set Groups - A Whole New World - Thursday 7 May 2020

Calling all Admins, hold on to your hats. Salesforce has gone and shaken up how we think of managing user permissions by introducing permission set groups. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Emma Weston-Burt - Tuesday 5 May 2020

Our next Stimulus Staff Spotlight focuses on Emma. Growing up she wanted to be a lawyer. She is a Wagamama fanatic and loves the fact that working at Stimulus allows her to travel quite a lot. MORE INFO

Translation Workbench - Friday 1 May 2020

One of the questions that many of our new admins ask is how they can translate custom terms when their org is in multiple languages. Luckily for us, there is the Translation Workbench which makes this job really easy for us! MORE INFO

A Post-Covid Ecomony - Thursday 30 April 2020

Our Director Phil talks about what Post-Covid in the business world may look like and what effects and changes we have seen so far in our own business. MORE INFO

Multiple Currencies in Einstein Analytics - Thursday 16 April 2020

In this blog we are going to address the limitation of customers using multiple currencies in Salesforce and how we can manage this in Einstein Analytics. MORE INFO

Keyboard Shortcuts - How to Make Salesforce Work for you. - Thursday 9 April 2020

In this blog, we go through some of the keyboard shortcuts that you can use within Salesforce. These shortcuts are keys you can press on your keyboard to allow you to do something quickly within Salesforce – such as edit a record, or to copy the record URL. MORE INFO

Salesforce Trailhead for Children? - Tuesday 31 March 2020

If you are struggling to get your kids to get some home work done and you are getting nowhere, then maybe getting them a Trailhead account, helping them through a few badges and getting them to enjoy the online learning experience MIGHT give you all a break from these challenging times! MORE INFO

Salesforce Appexchange - Thursday 26 March 2020

The Salesforce AppExchange is your Salesforce app marketplace, and just like the App Store for IOS or Google Play for Android, you can browse, upload and install the packages you desire. And YES, some are free for installation! MORE INFO
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