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Tracking your Trailblazers - Tuesday 28 January 2020

Have you heard of the Salesforce Trail Tracker? This app from the AppExchange allows you to not only tailor the Trailhead training programmes for your team, but it also gives you the opportunity to analyse and track their progress. MORE INFO

Lightning Object Creator - Friday 24 January 2020

Let us explain and guide you through Salesforce Lightning Object Creator. This tool allows you to import spreadsheets from Excel, Google Sheets and Office 365 and turn them into objects, fields and records. Let us show you how. MORE INFO

Salesforce introduce new flow features update - Friday 17 January 2020

In my last blog, I wrote briefly on the changes coming to flows and why they were exciting. Flows are some of my favourite pieces of functionality in Salesforce; it’s coding without actually writing code. What’s not to love? When I saw that – once again – flows featured massively in the release notes, I’m ashamed to say I got a little excited. MORE INFO

Trailhead and myTrailhead - Exciting Times for the products - Thursday 16 January 2020

For anyone who attended the myTrailhead keynote speech during Dreamforce, Chris Duarte, Leah McGowen-Hare and the rest of the team just seemed to drop blockbuster after blockbuster announcement of what’s coming. We are going to have a look at some of the highlights: MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Jo Young - Thursday 9 January 2020

It's the lady that started it all! We get to question our Director Jo, who has been involved with Salesforce for over 10 years! Aside from being the brains behind Stimulus, she's a Mum to three and wife to our Director Phil. She was once a saxophone teacher and sold ice-cream! We've all got to start somewhere, right? MORE INFO

Query Studio for Marketing Cloud - Friday 29 November 2019

When it comes to segmentation in Marketing Cloud, a Query Activity is probably the most powerful tool available. It comes as standard with a Marketing Cloud Account and uses SQL and the data view table put together from very intelligent segmentation. However, it’s time consuming to build our Query Activities, and could be considered as overkill when you want to do a one-off query. MORE INFO

Einstein Analytics - Data Run Improvements - Wednesday 27 November 2019

Another release, another improvement in the world of Salesforce. Einstein Analytics is getting better and better! Salesforce Winter ’20 release notes include an interesting announcement where Salesforce improves on some of the core functionality in Einstein Analytics. MORE INFO

Salesforce introduces the Salesforce Content Management System - Thursday 14 November 2019

Last week, Salesforce announced that it has introduced its latest new tool, the Salesforce Content Management System (CMS), available for Lightning communities and Salesforce Tabs & Visualforce communities customers. MORE INFO

Introducing Salesforce Maps - Monday 28 October 2019

Have you ever been trying to analyse your data by its location and wished that you could view it on a map? If you’re anything like me, then sometimes viewing your data in tables just doesn’t cut the mustard. Or maybe you wish that you could make your field sales teams more efficient by giving them a tool that quickly and easily plans the best router for their daily visits, and they can fit more customer visits in every day…Introducing Salesforce Maps! MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Sam Reynolds - Friday 25 October 2019

For our next Staff Spotlight, we speak to team member Sam Reynolds. Turns out that when he was younger, he quite fancied David Attenborough's job. Sam is also quite athletic and is currently training for a half marathon! MORE INFO

Am I really going to be forced to use Lightning? - Wednesday 2 October 2019

Since December 2018, you will have heard the news that Salesforce are going to start ‘switching on Lightning for all users on a rolling basis’. At first glance and without further investigation, you may think that you will finish work on the Friday and when you come in on the Monday morning following a nice relaxing weekend that you will be in the Lightning UI for ever! This isn’t the case, and we want all of you Classic users to understand what the reality is. MORE INFO

Salesforce Winter '20 Release - Monday 30 September 2019

That time of year has come around again! It’s the Winter ‘20 release. We’re really excited for some of the new features that are available and have outlined our favourites below. MORE INFO

Einstein Analytics - An Enhanced User Experience - Sunday 29 September 2019

In Winter ’20, there are some great new features for our Einstein Analytics (EA) users, making the set up and administration of Analytics even easier. In this post, we’ll be focusing more on the updates that will impact your end users by improving their experience with the platform. MORE INFO

Personalising your Salesforce - Sunday 29 September 2019

Does your Salesforce have personalised branding? If not, why not? It’s quick, easy, and ensures your iteration of Salesforce is just that – yours! One of the best things about Salesforce is how customisable it is. Different industries will have very disparate requirements and needs, and Salesforce supports this simply and effectively, right down to replacing the Salesforce cloud with your company’s own logo. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Mandy Drew - Wednesday 25 September 2019

We speak to Mandy Drew, our lovely Business Support Manager. Aside from being a busy working Mum, Mandy is also an Assistant Cub Scout Leader and an adrenaline junkie. MORE INFO

What is CRM? - Wednesday 11 September 2019

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool that allows businesses to track every interaction with a customer, or potential customer and keep their details up to date. Managing business relationships with all customers is important, that’s why many companies choose to have a CRM system in place. MORE INFO

The Recycle Bin in the Lightning User Interface - Friday 6 September 2019

It's finally here! After several frustrating years, Salesforce have brought The Recycle Bin into Lightning. So, what is it and what do you need to know? Let us explain. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Karen Haigh - Thursday 29 August 2019

For our next Staff Spotlight, we speak to our team member Karen Haigh, who tells us that aside from being obsessed with coffee and interior design, she once wanted to become a dentist. MORE INFO

Our new favourite Salesforce app (well, for this week anyway) - Thursday 22 August 2019

So when you have been a Salesforce admin or consultant for a while, you will probably have spent quite a lot of time browsing the AppExchange looking for an app that will save you all that config time. As you browse, you come across some little gems that you file away in the back of your mind for future use. I was put onto this little gem by a colleague in Salesforce when a client brought this exact use case up. MORE INFO

Introducing one of the newest Salesforce courses: BSX101 Fundamentals for Business Admin Specialists - Wednesday 7 August 2019

Have you heard about one of the newest Salesforce training courses? It's the Salesforce Fundamentals for Business Administration Specialists (BSX-101). If you are not a system administrator or developer, but you really want to know what you and your business can achieve on the Salesforce platform, then this is the course for you. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Mark Lewis - Tuesday 16 July 2019

For the next Stimulus staff spotlight, we quiz Salesforce advanced administrator and certified instructor Mark Lewis, who spent 24 years in the Royal Navy before joining Stimulus. MORE INFO

Confessions of a CRM system - Monday 8 July 2019

Are you considering using the Salesforce platform in your business? Perhaps you’ve already had it for a while but it no longer fits your processes (or never has!). There are multiple factors that can influence the success of your Salesforce implementation and there are many companies who can get you up and running, Stimulus Consulting being one of them. But beware, not all consultancies are the same! MORE INFO

Salesforce Summer '19 release is here! - Thursday 13 June 2019

The time of year has come around again! It's the Summer '19 release. We're really excited for some of the new features that are available and have outlined our favourites in this piece. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Phil Young - Tuesday 11 June 2019

For our next Stimulus Staff Spotlight, we get our Director Phil to open up on life at Stimulus, what he couldn't live without and what he used to get up to before he joined our team. MORE INFO

Two awards come home with us after exciting night at the 25th Wiltshire Business Awards! - Wednesday 22 May 2019

Earlier this month, we were over the moon to be presented with two runner-up awards at the Wiltshire Business awards. The categories were Learning and Development Employer of the Year and Small Business of the year. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - George Richardson - Thursday 16 May 2019

For our next Staff Spotlight we question one of our graduates, George Richardson. From wanting to be an opera singer to experimenting with Jewish baking, George tells us all! MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Sydonie Brewis - Friday 5 April 2019

Our next staff spotlight focuses on Sydonie Brewis, one of our amazing Certified Salesforce Instructors. MORE INFO

Jo is digging out her running shoes for the London Marathon! - Thursday 14 March 2019

Our lovely Director Jo has decided to do something quite amazing and run 26.2 miles in the London Marathon on the 28th April. Jo took a call at the end of January from Marie Curie who asked her if she would run the marathon on their behalf and immediately, she said yes. MORE INFO

myTrailhead has landed! - Wednesday 6 March 2019

It's official, the day we have been waiting for has finally arrived! myTrailhead is here. We all love Trailhead. Not only is it a great way of learning, but it is also fun too. Now our customers can write their own content on the myTrailhead platform. So, how does it work? Simply design your own trails, modules and units for your sales team, managers service agents and so on. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - James Cannon - Tuesday 12 February 2019

Get to know more about our great team by keeping an eye out for our Stimulus Staff Spotlight. This week it's our Salesforce Implementation Manager, James Cannon. MORE INFO
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