Design and Administer an OmniStudio Solution - OMS335

Explore OmniStudio and Business Rules Engine (BRE), and discover how to design human-centric experiences tailored to your industry. In this course, our OmniStudio and BRE experts will show you how to translate user requirements into OmniStudio solutions using OmniStudio Data Tools, FlexCards, OmniScripts, and BRE. Along with building OmniStudio components and BRE solutions, you’ll learn how to apply the best practices to rapidly create and deploy branded experiences with guided interactions that work across devices and channels.

Who should take this course?

This class is designed for administrators, consultants, and business analysts in the Salesforce Industries ecosystem who want to learn how to design human-centric Salesforce solutions using OmniStudio. You should have a solid understanding of basic Salesforce concepts and functionality, as well as familiarity navigating the system. Ideally, you hold the Salesforce Associate, Salesforce Administrator, or Salesforce Business Analyst credential. This class is recommended for anyone looking to earn their Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Consultant credential.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Get started using OmniStudio and its suite of components.
  • Translate user requirements into OmniStudio solutions.
  • Enable OmniStudio installations and upgrades.
  • Get started designing and building with OmniStudio Data Tools.
  • Design and build FlexCards.
  • Design and build OmniScripts.
  • Build Business Rules Engine (BRE) solutions to help power OmniStudio tools.
  • Apply the best practices to use OmniStudio successfully. 

Lessons and Topics

Introduction to OmniStudio

  • Learn how OmniStudio and BRE fit into an Industries 360° Solution.
  • Explore the OmniStudio data model.

OmniStudio Data Tools 

  • Learn what DataRaptors and Integration Procedures are and their best practices.
  • Determine which data tool meets a requirement.
  • Build DataRaptors to get and save data from Salesforce with clicks, not code.


  • Learn how FlexCards provide context. 
  • Learn FlexCard best practices.
  • Design FlexCards to meet system requirements.
  • Build FlexCards and deploy them on a Console Lightning app.


  • Learn how OmniScripts guide interactions.
  • Learn OmniScript best practices.
  • Build OmniScripts to allow end users to confirm or update data.

Business Rules Engine (BRE) 

  • Learn how BRE facilitates complex calculations.
  • Learn BRE best practices.
  • Build a Lookup Table and an Expression Set that uses the Lookup Table.

OmniStudio Best Practices

  • Review OmniStudio best practices.
  • Apply the best practices to resolve business challenges.

OmniStudio Solutions

  • Learn about the Designer’s Mindset and The Salesforce Way.
  • Analyze requirements and match OmniStudio solutions to the requirements.

OmniStudio Installations and Upgrades

  • Prepare to install OmniStudio. 
  • Review post-installation steps.
  • Enable users to use OmniStudio tools.


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