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Our new favourite Salesforce app (well, for this week anyway) - Thursday 22 August 2019

So when you have been a Salesforce admin or consultant for a while, you will probably have spent quite a lot of time browsing the AppExchange looking for an app that will save you all that config time. As you browse, you come across some little gems that you file away in the back of your mind for future use. I was put onto this little gem by a colleague in Salesforce when a client brought this exact use case up. MORE INFO

Introducing one of the newest Salesforce courses: BSX101 Fundamentals for Business Admin Specialists - Wednesday 7 August 2019

Have you heard about one of the newest Salesforce training courses? It's the Salesforce Fundamentals for Business Administration Specialists (BSX-101). If you are not a system administrator or developer, but you really want to know what you and your business can achieve on the Salesforce platform, then this is the course for you. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Mark Lewis - Tuesday 16 July 2019

For the next Stimulus staff spotlight, we quiz Salesforce advanced administrator and certified instructor Mark Lewis, who spent 24 years in the Royal Navy before joining Stimulus. MORE INFO

Confessions of a CRM system - Monday 8 July 2019

Are you considering using the Salesforce platform in your business? Perhaps you’ve already had it for a while but it no longer fits your processes (or never has!). There are multiple factors that can influence the success of your Salesforce implementation and there are many companies who can get you up and running, Stimulus Consulting being one of them. But beware, not all consultancies are the same! MORE INFO

Salesforce Summer '19 release is here! - Thursday 13 June 2019

The time of year has come around again! It's the Summer '19 release. We're really excited for some of the new features that are available and have outlined our favourites in this piece. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Phil Young - Tuesday 11 June 2019

For our next Stimulus Staff Spotlight, we get our Director Phil to open up on life at Stimulus, what he couldn't live without and what he used to get up to before he joined our team. MORE INFO

Two awards come home with us after exciting night at the 25th Wiltshire Business Awards! - Wednesday 22 May 2019

Earlier this month, we were over the moon to be presented with two runner-up awards at the Wiltshire Business awards. The categories were Learning and Development Employer of the Year and Small Business of the year. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - George Richardson - Thursday 16 May 2019

For our next Staff Spotlight we question one of our graduates, George Richardson. From wanting to be an opera singer to experimenting with Jewish baking, George tells us all! MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - Sydonie Brewis - Friday 5 April 2019

Our next staff spotlight focuses on Sydonie Brewis, one of our amazing Certified Salesforce Instructors. MORE INFO

Jo is digging out her running shoes for the London Marathon! - Thursday 14 March 2019

Our lovely Director Jo has decided to do something quite amazing and run 26.2 miles in the London Marathon on the 28th April. Jo took a call at the end of January from Marie Curie who asked her if she would run the marathon on their behalf and immediately, she said yes. MORE INFO

myTrailhead has landed! - Wednesday 6 March 2019

It's official, the day we have been waiting for has finally arrived! myTrailhead is here. We all love Trailhead. Not only is it a great way of learning, but it is also fun too. Now our customers can write their own content on the myTrailhead platform. So, how does it work? Simply design your own trails, modules and units for your sales team, managers service agents and so on. MORE INFO

Staff Spotlight - James Cannon - Tuesday 12 February 2019

Get to know more about our great team by keeping an eye out for our Stimulus Staff Spotlight. This week it's our Salesforce Implementation Manager, James Cannon. MORE INFO

Our Guide to a successful Salesforce Implementation (Part 2) - Getting to know your Business and Sharing Our Plan. - Friday 8 February 2019

In our previous related blog post, we touched briefly on the main key points that comprise a successful Salesforce Implementation. Now, we are going to look at each point individually and go into more detail as to why each particular element of the process is a necessity in providing you with a system that will meet and support the vision, goals and requirements of your business. MORE INFO

Our Salesforce Graduates take off at Lightning Speed! - Monday 4 February 2019

Back in October last year, we decided that it was time to start our very own Salesforce Graduate Scheme. It was something that we had really wanted to get off the ground for some time, and finally being in a position to make it happen, was very exciting for us. MORE INFO

Our Guide to a Successful Salesforce Implementation - Tuesday 18 December 2018

Salesforce is a powerful platform and the ways in which it can help your organisation on a day to day basis are practically endless. When implemented effectively, it should do the heavy lifting of repetitive administration, allowing you and your team to spend more time on the most important work. MORE INFO

How to become a Salesforce Certified Administrator! - Wednesday 24 October 2018

As a Salesforce training consultancy, our instructors need to ensure they are at the top of their game. This includes achieving and maintaining product certifications, and their instructor status. But, the question is often asked, how do I get admin certified? Here we will tell you more about the process and suggest some great resources to get you there. MORE INFO

Become a system administrator? But I'm paying for a consultant! - Thursday 13 September 2018

One of the first recommendations I make with any of our clients is for one or more of them to attend the Salesforce “Administration Essentials for New Admins” course. It teaches you the fundamental skills and knowledge to manage a Salesforce org and is where many of us get our first taste of the genuine power of the platform. MORE INFO

Marketing Cloud: from Yesterday to Today - Thursday 6 September 2018

So, last month marked my anniversary of being a certified Marketing Cloud instructor, and what a ride it has been. When I think about what it was, to what it is now, it’s hard to believe. MORE INFO

Our top pick of Salesforce apps! - Monday 16 July 2018

If you are looking to extend your use of Salesforce, then why not use the AppExchange to install great apps already tried and tested by the community? Many of these are also free - so what have you got to lose? Our team of instructors and implementation consultants are often asked for their recommendations, so here are some of them: MORE INFO

The Support Desk: The Unsung Hero of the CRM - Thursday 5 July 2018

My wife and I are both Salesforce consultants. Inevitably, this leads to us discussing technical holes we’ve fallen into during our day over dinner as our 20-month-old throws baked beans at us. (For the last month it’s been overtaken by GDPR but that’s a story for another blog.) But if the job of a consultant is to perform business analysis and configure a system fit for purpose, why do we always come back to perplexing technical issues? Because people are excellent at taking what should be a perfectly functioning system and finding weird ways to break it. Enter the Support Desk… MORE INFO

An insider's view of the Salesforce World Tour - London - Monday 4 June 2018

The excitement about attending the London Salesforce World Tour event was soon accompanied by another strong sentiment; Fear of missing out! Here was a great potential to learn new information, experience Salesforce demos, join in discussions and otherwise interact with the Salesforce community. I wanted to make sure that I would get 110% out of the event. MORE INFO

What Is GDPR? - Monday 30 April 2018

So the boss ‘invited’ me to write a blog about GDPR, that was nice, I thought to myself, then I went into panic mode and thought, what if I get something wrong? I’ll be lambasted, humiliated by anyone and everyone who claims to know everything about GDPR. Then I realised I probably feel exactly the same as anyone who has some sort of responsibility for GDPR Compliance and is doing this for the first time. MORE INFO

Why We Love Einstein Analytics (And You Should Too!) - Thursday 22 March 2018

If I told you that you (yes, you) could easily harness the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning for your Salesforce CRM, would you believe me? Do you think you have the aptitude to delve into the intimidating field of artificial intelligence? MORE INFO

Using In-App Help to Drive Adoption - Tuesday 27 February 2018

Ever wondered how to continue to drive adoption, best practice and good quality data after your Salesforce go-live? It’s a tough one, but one of the best solutions to this conundrum is to use an In-App Help provider. MORE INFO

Salesforce focuses on the Krux of the matter with Digital Marketing - Monday 17 October 2016

With all eyes turned towards San Francisco and the start of Dreamforce, it would have been easy to miss the announcement that Salesforce have continued their acquisition strategy by agreeing to buy Krux – a category-leading data management platform who brand themselves as the ’Intelligent Marketing Hub’ MORE INFO Acquires Word Processing Quip App, Easing Collaboration In The Cloud? - Thursday 4 August 2016

This week, announced that they bought the word processing application Quip - the online collaboration tool re-designing the way we work with our files. Declaring themselves “committed to changing the way teams work” – the news brings some exciting and positive changes ahead. MORE INFO

Best Practice for Migrating to Salesforce Lightning - Monday 1 August 2016

The Salesforce Lightning Platform is a new user experience with a refreshed interface, giving users access to great new features, whilst maximising productivity and allowing better decision making based on your data. So now you’ve been given a brief intro on Lightning and want to know if it’s for you. Where do you start, you ask? Here are our best practice tips for migrating to the Salesforce Lightning interface… MORE INFO

Salesforce World Tour Review - Sunday 24 July 2016

It's been a few weeks now since the Salesforce World Tour, and whilst it feels like it came and went in the blink of an eye, we’ve returned to our desks with fond memories of the day. Now that the excitement has simmered down, we’ve been able to reflect on, and realise, all the key learnings we took away from the event itself. MORE INFO

What to do at the Salesforce World Tour - Wednesday 4 May 2016

No idea what to do at the Salesforce World Tour? Here are our tips! MORE INFO

Salesforce World Tour London - Our Guide - Tuesday 12 April 2016

Ever wondered what to do at the Salesforce World Tour London? Here's our guide to getting set for the day! MORE INFO
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